Sponsorship Renewal Between Elite Capital & Co. and Lucas Blantford Racing After Karun’s Karting Carnival

Sponsorship Renewal Between Elite Capital & Co. and Lucas Blantford Racing After Karun's Karting Carnival

Sponsorship Renewal Between Elite Capital & Co. and Lucas Blantford Racing After Karun’s Karting Carnival

London, UK (AGENCIES) June 21, 2024 — Mr. George Matharu, President of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, announced today that Elite Capital & Co. Limited has renewed its sponsorship agreement with Lucas Blantford Racing Team for 2024, and was keen to announce this renewal after Lucas participated in the Karun’s Karting Carnival by Vishnu Devananda Charitable Trust this week.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with an excellent UK team like Lucas Blantford Racing, which we are proud to have continued to sponsor over the years in which we have witnessed a lot of excitement and winning awards and championships,” Mr. George Matharu said.

The Vishnu Devananda Charitable Trust (VDCT) is a Non-Profit Organisation established in 2003 by the parents of Indian racing driver Karun Chandhok. The Trust is based in the city of Chennai in South India.

The VDCT has been created to reach out to help the materially under-privileged and suffering people in our society and to establish practical and consistent support – both financially and materially – to create a better standard of living for them.

The trust has been supporting and sponsoring the education of children, supporting orphanages, old age homes, hospitals, and daycare centres for the poor and destitute in and around Chennai.

Indian racing champion and television presenter, Mr. Karun Chandhok, wrote on the carnival’s official website “Every year, teams from all across the UK participate to raise money for educating underprivileged children through our family run charity, The Vishnu Devananda Charitable Trust in India. This will be our fourteenth consecutive year of running the event and the support over the years has been critical for the Trust to carry out their activities.”

Elite Capital & Co. Limited is a Financial Management company that provides project-related services including Management, Consultancy, and Funding, particularly for large infrastructure and mega commercial projects.

Elite Capital & Co. Limited offers a wealth of experience in Banking and Financial transactions and has a range of specialized advisory services for private clients, medium and large corporations as well as governments. It is also the exclusive manager of the Government Future Financing 2030 Program®.

Mr. George Matharu concluded his statement by saying, “Elite Capital & Co.’s support for sporting activities in the United Kingdom is a translation of its directives on the ground to support society in Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth countries.”

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