SAT Credit & Wealth Management

Wyoming, USA (AGENCIES) September 23, 2010 — The SAT Group welcomes the addition of “SAT Credit & Wealth Management, LP.”, a company designed to provide expert financial planning and investment management to discerning Clients who value first class service and advice, and a long term working relationship.

SAT Credit & Wealth Management, LP. offers a one to one service, allocating a Personal Advisor to each Client who will listen, understand client needs, and produce a tailored solution. SAT Group deliver a services Clients need in today’s economic climate.

SAT “Wealth Management” service has four main objectives:

Protect the Client’s existing wealth. The Client’s existing wealth portfolio should be protected, which provides a solid foundation for building future wealth.

Produce a Financial Plan. SAT Advisors work with each Client to produce short term and long term plans to meet the Client’s overall financial objectives.

Growing the Client’s assets. SAT have a number of vehicles to grow Client’s overall wealth, and these solutions are tailored to each Client’s needs.

Tax efficiency. SAT help the Client to ensure that the growth plans do not adversely affect their tax situation.

“We look forward to welcoming new Clients to SAT Credit & Wealth Management, LP., and forging long term relationships to meet their needs, priorities and objectives” head of SAT Credit & Wealth Management said.