Elite Capital & Co. Adds Turnkey Project Contracting and Financing to its Portfolio of Funding Solutions

London, UK (AGENCIES) May 19, 2016 — Mr. Albert Lin, a senior member of ECC’s Management Team, announced today that the company has launched a new project financing model that can be used for different types of Infrastructure Project including Power Plants, Ports, Bridges, Mining, Agriculture, and Residential & Commercial Buildings.

He further explained “The model is based on using one of ECC’s preferred Engineering Procurement Construction companies (or “EPC” Contractors) to deliver the entire project. Additionally, ECC and the EPC Contractor will jointly use their finance sources to secure the necessary funding, therefore providing ECC’s clients with a turnkey solution for delivery and financing of major projects all over the world”.

Mr. Ben Liu, ECC’s Project Co-ordinator for China, added “We are extremely privileged and proud to work with some of the largest EPC Contractors in the world, who have extensive track records of delivering large and complex projects across a variety of industry sectors”.

In parallel to developing the project contracting and financing model above, Elite Capital & Co. Limited has undertaken a management review of all its business activities, and has subsequently been accredited with the prestigious ISO 9001 ‘Quality Management System’ Certification. Additionally, ECC has become a full member of the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”), to participate in and comply with policies and regulations in Banking, Finance, Tax, Legal and Arbitration. Commenting on the success of these initiatives, Mr. George Matharu, ECC’s President & CEO, said “Even though our business activities do not fall under the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Regulations, we rigorously apply finance related policies and procedures to everything we do, such as anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, politically exposed persons, know your client, etc”.

Chairman of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, Dr. Faisal Khazaal, concluded “Our clients can be confident that when Elite Capital & Co. brings new financing strategies and products to the market, not only will the solutions be innovative, but will also be backed by Quality Management procedures, and incorporate ICC’s international standards for finance related activities”.

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